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Beginning a Vegetarian Diet for Runners
Excessive calorie restriction does more harm than good for runners and other athletes.

Beginning a Vegetarian Diet for Runners

We all want to eat better, but does it really work to only eat a vegetarian diet and run better? Matt Frazier from the No Meat Athlete gives a great primer on beginning a vegetarian diet for runners. Matt has a great way to explain simply how to get started. Where to get your protein, a list of staple foods, and how much you should eat. Can you do it? You bet!



Beginning a Vegetarian Diet for Runners

It’s time to put an end to the idea that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet and running well are mutually exclusive.

I became a much stronger runner almost immediately after switching to a vegetarian diet.  But you don’t have to take my word for it: There are plenty of world-class athletes (and not just endurance runners) that don’t eat meat.

Running icon Bart Yasso is a vegetarian. Scott Jurek, one of the greatest ultramarathoners of all time, is vegan.  (He now holds the American record of 165 miles run in 24 hours!)  Brendan Brazier is a vegan pro Ironman triathlete.  Robert Cheeke even makes the vegan diet work for bodybuilding.  [Read More...]

Even if you don’t go full vegetarian, if you at least begin adding more vegetables in you diet from Matt’s list of staples, you should start to feel and run better. I haven’t yet taken the plunge, how about you?


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