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Best Gifts for a Trail Runner

Best Gifts for a Trail Runner

It’s that time of year when many struggle with what gift to give their favorite trail runner. The follow is a list I compiled of some of my favorite things that are sure to put a big smile on whoever receives them.

Patagonia Jacket Patagonia-Light-Flyer-Jacket-3Patagonia Light Flyer Jacket

This jacket is the bomb! I live in the Pacific NW so we do a lot of running in the rain. The Patagonia Light Flyer uses the latest, lightest GoreTex to deliver a truly bullet proof jacket. I have found that it has plenty of ventilation while blocking the most severe wind and rain.



Black Diamond Z polesBlack Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Poles

Hiking poles have caught on in the United States in ultra events. They can make a difference taking the load off tired legs on long accents. They are a must if you do multi-day events. The Black Diamond Ultra Distance Z-Poles are the lightest and most compact pole out there. Be sure to check the sizing because these don’t adjust.



079Hammer Nutrition Starter Kit

Want to put a big smile on your gel loving trail runner? Or do you know someone that is just starting out? This assortment of Hammer Gels, Heed, and Recoverite covers all the bases. Best of all, the Starter Kit is 20% off until Dec. 13th.




2014_coverTribute to the Trails 2014 Calendar

This is an extremely well done calendar featuring great photos from trail events on the west coast. All proceeds go to the Washington Trails Association.




Run Gently Out There – by John Morelock

Nothing better than going old-school and giving your favorite trail runner a paperback book. Seasoned ultra runners will identify with John’s rambling through his experiences on the trails. This is a perfect read that night before an ultra, curled up in a warm sleeping bag reading by headlamp!

Suunto Ambit 2 GPS Multifunction Watch

This watch goes the distance. If your trail runner is planning a 100 miler, they need a watch that can last over 24 hrs. This watch really delivers with the best software for capturing data after runs.

Ok, you still don’t know what to get, Try this!

Squatty Potty

Don’t laugh, this is really a cool add-on to your existing toilet. The Squatty Potty allows your plumbing to align properly so you eliminate waste more efficiently.

But don’t take my word for it, watch this endorsement by Howard Stern!

So there’s my list. I hope one of these works for your trail runner, or at least gives you more ideas of what to shop for!

One comment

  1. The squatty potty is funny. At first I thought it was for taking on the trails. then I realized that we still have to squat out there. When they make one for the trails, I’ll order two!

    I have dreamed of good poles to run with. I just can’t help but wonder if they end up being a lot of work.

    I love your list! Happy Christmas.

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