Canadians Prove Happiness is Found Outside


083.jpgThis is like preaching to the choir, but maybe you can share this with you Spouse next time you go out for a 4 hour run. This great study included 10,000 Canadians going outside for 30 days. They prove what we already know, being outside makes you happier! So read the article so you are prepared next time someone complains about your excessive trail running.

Canadians Prove Happiness is Found Outside

The David Suzuki Foundation has discovered happiness. A report from the foundation has confirmed that a daily dose of nature boosts happiness and wellbeing – good news for Whistler.

The foundation asked more than 10,000 Canadians and 250 workplaces to participate in what it called the 30×30 Nature Challenge. Those participating were challenged to get outside for half an hour a day for 30 consecutive days.

Trent University Researcher Dr. Elizabeth Nisbet conducted the research initiative.

“We found that participation in the 30×30 Nature Challenge almost doubled their time spent outside during the month and reduced their screen time by about 4.5 hours per week,” said Nisbet of the spring report. “They reported significant increases in their sense of well-being, feeling more vitality and energy, while feelings of stress, negativity and sleep disturbances were all reduced.”

Nisbet reported the research indicated workplace participants said they felt more productive on the job. She reported participants indicated a slightly stronger sense of identification with the natural world and a desire to spend more time outdoors. Many of the people who took part in the challenge said they felt happier by eating lunch outside or walking through a park.

According to the foundation, the results of the challenge are consistent with growing evidence that even brief nature contact enhances positive mood and reduces stress. Amongst the key findings from the study was the discovery that participants reduced time spent watching TV by about two hours a week while time spent surfing the Internet or reading email dropped by two and a half hours. As time in nature increased so did feelings of wellbeing and happiness. [Read more…]

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