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Four Essential Minerals for Running – Plus One

essential minerals forrunning

I was just reading an article by Matt Fitzgerald in Competitor about consuming enough minerals. Of the 22 essential minerals, Matt discusses the importance of calcium, iron, sodium and zinc for runners who do long runs to maintain peak performance. While I agree with his article, there is another essential mineral we runners need that was not mentioned.

If you have ever experienced night time leg cramping (the jiggles) or muscle discomfort during exercise, this is likely due to low magnesium. Studies show that up to 75% of people

don’t get enough magnesium so if you are sweating on the run and leaching magnesium, you’re setting yourself up for twitching issues. Magnesium is a component required for over 300 enzymes to work properly so it’s a smart move to to keep it up.

Multiple studies have shown magnesium to be effective for buffering lactic acid, enhancing peak oxygen uptake and total work output, reducing heart rate and carbon dioxide production during hard exercise, and improving cardiovascular efficiency. In addition, supplementation with magnesium can elevate testosterone levels and muscle strength up to 30 percent.

As part of my daily routine, I usually drink some Hammer FIZZ in the afternoon which is a tasty way to add some magnesium and stay hydrated. If I get restless legs at night, most of the time I can pop a couple of Hammer Endurolytes to settle my legs down and get some sleep. If that doesn’t work for you, try 300-500 milligrams of something like Natural Calm Magnesium before you go to bed at night.

Keep track of all five essential minerals for better running!

Source: Competitor

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