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There’s a few 50K training plans posted on websites and a couple of excellent books that include training plans, but this is the first online training program dedicated to preparing for a 50K ultra race using the 80/20 rule. Sherpaherb explains:


I spent many years as a Marathoner, training on my favorite routes, always trying to beat my previous time. I was taught that you had to run fast to race fast.

When I transitioned to Trail Running, I continued my same training plan, with just some longer, slower runs thrown in. I was logging major miles, but I reached a performance plateau, it seemed no matter how much I ran, I wasn’t getting any faster. I also couldn’t lose that last 5 lbs, I was constantly feeling fatigued, and kept picking up some nagging injuries.

But last year, after reading the book “80/20 Running” by Matt Fitzgerald, I learned that just like most competitive recreational runners. I wasn’t running enough of my weekly mileage at an easy pace. What Matt’s book explains is that most elite endurance runners train 80% at low intensity and 20% at moderate/high intensity. Most recreational runners only run about 50% of their weekly mileage at low intensity.

By committing to run 80% of my weekly mileage at low intensity, I now am faster, injury free, and I lost those pesky 5 pounds!

As a result, I decided to share this concept, and apply it to our most popular ultra distance, the 50K race.

The “Run Slow – Race Fast” 50K Training program is a 20 week training program incorporating the 80/20 rule.

The program includes 5 modules where you learn how to set your training intensities, how to use the 20 week training plan, Keys to fueling and hydration, and race preparation. To learn more about the program, and how you can burn fat and run faster, click the link below:

“Run Slow – Race Fast” 50K Training program


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