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Grand slam

Grand slamFor many trail runners, completing an ultra race is a tremendous goal to attain. Once you have a few ultras under your belt, completing a 100 miler is the ultimate goal. But there are a select few runners that aspire to new heights by completing the “Grand Slam”.  The Grand Slam consists of 4 classic 100 mile races: Western States 100, Vermont 100, Leadville 100, and the Wasatch 100. The Grand Slam of ultrarunning was started in 1986 and only a few select runners have completed it. Michael Lebowitz from Eugene Oregon has a project to document the 2013 participants. He is in the process of raising money to fund a book about this year’s slam. Check out his video and story and contribute if you can!

Slammin’-Voices From The Middle of The Pack-Grand Slam




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