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Why Am I Growing A Spare Tire?

The Spare Tire quiz

Find out Why you are running with a Spare Tire!

I was listening to a recent podcast with Dr. Timothy Noaks, where at a recent Cape Town Marathon, he found that 30% of the participants were classified either as overweight or obese. That's about the same ration for the spectators!

All these runners should be healthy and fit due to their months of marathon training and healthy eating, but they still have excess fat issues.

How can that be?

The reason is the training fundamentals of the running industry is flawed. We've been lead to believe to eat a high carb diet to fuel our running. The problem is, this has turned us into sugar cravers and destroyed our fat burning  metabolism.

Could this be you?  Are you running with a spare tire?

Take the Spare Tire quiz to see if you are a Sugar Craver AND uncover the secret to becoming a Fat Burning Machine!

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  • Do You have trouble getting up in the morning (or feeel groggy upon waking?
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