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Mistakes Most Runners Make all the Time
Don't make these common mistakes that most runners make.

Mistakes Most Runners Make all the Time

Don't make these common mistakes that most runners make.

Don’t make these common mistakes that most runners make.

If you want to learn from others mistakes and experiences whenever possible then before you head out for your next training run, read this article by Jason Fitzgerald. Jason is a seasoned runner and certified running coach who offers his personal perspective about things he wished he had known when he started running over 14 years ago. The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to listen carefully to the lessons learned (often the hard way) by the professionals and apply them to yourself.

Mistakes Most Runners Make All the Time

How Often Should You See God?

Not that often. I’m talking less of an actual religious experience and more about the intensity of your workouts. “Going to the well” or “seeing God” are phrases often used to described those workouts that are harder than races. I did a lot of these types of workouts in high school and college. Many of my teammates puked after them. I’d usually lose my appetite for the rest of the night and need an extra hour of sleep just to feel normal the next day.

There’s a time and a place for these types of workouts, but I don’t do many of them these days. They increase your risk of injury and make you peak quickly. Do too many and you’ll feel stale or flat. You should avoid them for most of your training cycle and only do a handful in the last 4-8 weeks before your goal race. It’s the icing on the cake.

Form Matters. Work on it.

We never worked on our running form in high school and rarely did running drills. That’s a crying shame, since every other sport relies heavily on form training. Swimmers focus on the correct way to swim before anything else. Basketball coaches are always preaching, “Bring that elbow in!” and “Square your hips!”

Running is a skill, like any other athletic movement, and needs to be done efficiently if you want to prevent injuries and run fast. Learn the correct running form early in your running career when it’s not as hard to change.

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One of the reasons I chose this article to share with our readers is the amount of positive comments that followed. To me that indicates a decent amount of people respect Jason’s ethics and his work. Finding reliable, sensible information for runners isn’t as easy as you would think but I feel everyone could benefit from knowing the kinds of mistakes runners make all the time. Don’t forget to share this post and visit and like our Facebook page.

Tell us about your number one running mistake. Don’t be shy! We are all ears!

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  1. It is advisable not to ignore rest days, they’re important to your recovery and injury prevention efforts. Your muscles build and repair themselves during your rest days.

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