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Some Call It Running, I Call it Life
If running doesn't bring you to a place of deeper understanding...why bother?

Some Call It Running, I Call it Life

If running doesn't bring you to a place of deeper understanding...why bother?

If running doesn’t bring you to a place of deeper understanding and peace…why bother?

There are reasons for running that have nothing to do with the physical benefits and everything to do with life. Ultra running goes beyond just training and nutrition. It teaches you valuable life lessons that you might otherwise have missed. Every individual who overcomes their doubts and insecurities and challenges themselves to an ultra race, automatically wins! Here is a short list of some of the things others have learned about life from running. Feel free to add yours below or on our facebook page.

Some Call it Running, I Call it Life

1. When things get tough, just keep going.

When most people encounter a rough patch, they quit.  The truly successful people in the world keep going no matter what.  Never let your setbacks win.

2. Consistency creates habit.

To incorporate anything into your life, you have to make it a habit.  To make something a habit, you have to be consistent.  Whatever it is you’re aiming for, make it a part of your life.

3. You’ll have to get through hell before you get to heaven.

Like all things worth pursuing, you are going to get knocked down, stepped on, and rejected along the way.  Consider this to be part of the path to your goals.  Sometimes it’s more about the journey than the destination.

4. Reaching your goals will take a lot of work.

If it doesn’t, it’s either not a goal, not worth pursuing, or will not have any fulfillment.  Never expect to not put in work and get somewhere.

5. Every aspect of life is mental.

It’s not about what you do or what happens to you, it’s about how to respond to it.  It’s how you decide to carry on.  Your power comes from inside your head.

6.  You do have time– you just have to make it.

If something is important to you, you’ll make time for it.  If not, you’ll make excuses.

This list from the DailyRunnerPage.com got be thinking about what I’ve learned from running. One of my favorite quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson seems to sum it up…

” What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Running has taught me what lies within me and that has helped me cope with life a lot better. Some call it…running, I call it…Life. Happy Trails!


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  1. A few more generalizations that ultra-running continually teaches me.

    This too shall pass.

    You don’t need much to survive; in fact the minimum is often the best.

    We are all small, specs on a much larger planet.

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