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Trail Running Dogs get Giardia


BirdieI never thought about it before, but trail running dogs can get Giardia just like us from drinking from a contaminated stream. I always thought that dogs were bullet proof since they seem to

eat almost anything they come upon. Which brings up another point, they can also get it from eating other dog’s infected feces! Worse yet for trail dogs, Giardia cysts can live a long time so if an infected dog poops in the snow and your dog finds it along the trail in the spring, he can get infected!

Trail Running Dogs get Giardia

Giardia is a disease that not only affects dogs, but also cats. It is an illness brought about by parasites. Some dogs can be infected, but do not even display symptoms. However, those dogs with weaker immune systems are most likely to show symptoms, same goes for older dogs and puppies so information on canine Giardia is something all pet owners should be up to date on.

Information on Canine Giardia

Giardia trophozoites are protozoan parasites that are the cause of Canine Giardia, and can be caught by dogs by ingesting cysts with these Giardia trophozoites. The cysts are commonly found in fecal matter and in soil, and may survive in moist or wet environments for up to four weeks. Even cat feces contain such cysts, and your dog may be infected with this as well.

Information on canine Giardia includes observing the consistency of your dog’s stools. Diarrhea is the first noticeable symptom of dog Giardia. When your dog eliminates, the feces will have a very unpleasant odor and will contain fats. They may also have normal appetite but decrease weight because of the diarrhea. If the diarrhea gets severe, dehydration may occur to your pet.[Read more…]

Due to the variance in symptoms, this could be happening more than we know. Please share with your friends who run with their dogs. Have any of you had your trail running dog diagnosed with Giardia?

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