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Dry Trail Running Shoes Fast with Stuffitts:Video

Dry Trail Running Shoes Fast with Stuffitts:Video

Now’s the time of year when no matter what you do, your shoes get soaked! That can really be a problem if you are not well off with a closet full of trail running shoes. I just stumbled upon this great product that promises to dry trail running shoes fast. Stuffitts are cedar filled inserts covered by performance wicking material that will dry your wet shoes out in no time and also leave them smelling fresh! This is great if you only have a couple pair of shoes and don’t want them to rot out by spring time. Watch the video by founder Mike Huebner, these inserts are fantastic!


Dry Trail Running Shoes Fast with Stuffitts


Get your inserts by clicking the link below. I checked out the reviews and runners who bought these keep coming back for more. Makes a lot of sense.


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Drying Inserts for Shoes-Pro Version

Your family and your shoes will love you!

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