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Ultramarathon Recovery Plan

IMG_3930Many of us spend most of our time preparing for an ultramarathon. We’ll agonize which one to enter, setup an ambitious training plan, buy new shoes, experiment with all sorts of gels and drinks, all to get to the finish line in one piece. But what about afterwards? What about your ultramarathon recovery plan? After all, we all do want to do another, hopefully as soon as possible. Jill Conyers offers her experience with a variety of different recovery methods for runners. See which ones you would like to add to your plan.

Ultramarathon Recovery Plan

When I decided one of my goals for 2013 would be to run my

first 50 mile event the first thing that comes to mind is are you crazy the significant increase in weekly mileage and the frequency that my long run will be a marathon or more. Then, as I later learned, I would be adding back-to-back long and longish runs on the weekends. What I hadn’t thought about was how my recovery would need to be different. I have a pretty typical recovery routine for pre-ultra training running (run, stretch, shower, eat and stretch again) that will most likely need to be kicked up a notch as my weekly mileage increases.

” Recovery is where the gains in your training actually occur, and valuing your recovery is the key to both short-term and long-term success. …”

Sage Rountree, an internationally recognized authority in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach

What are my my recovery options? What do the experts recommend? [Read More…]

So there you have it, some good tips on recovery methods you may want to try out. Pick three and make them part of your ultramarathon recovery plan. The next best thing to running an ultramarathon is running a bunch of ultramarathons!

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