essential minerals forrunning

Four Essential Minerals for Running – Plus One

I was just reading an article by Matt Fitzgerald in Competitor about consuming enough minerals. Of the 22 essential minerals, ...

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30 Day Paleo Transformation

Burn Fat: 30 Day Paleo Transformation

Have you struggled to lose that last 5 – 10 pounds? I had the same problem. In the past 10 ...

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Cherries are super fruit for runners

Five Super Fruits For Endurance Athletes

We talk a lot about low Carb diets, Good Fats, and Veggies, but what about super fruits for endurance athletes? ...

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Racing Weight Cookbook:Lean, Light Recipes for Athletes: Excerpt

There is a new cookbook out that is perfect for Trail Runners. Written by A back. I tried my how ...

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Trail Dogs

Labrador with Santa Hat. New Year's garland and presents

5 Great Gifts for Your Active Dog

Get your holiday shopping done early for your best buddy by selecting one of these quality gifts for your active ...

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Dog Ice Cream Recipes

Three Trail Dog Ice Cream Recipes

After a hard day on the trail, what could be better than some Ice Cream for your Trail Dog.  Give ...

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Special care is needed for dogs who take to the trails in winter.

Important Winter Prep for Trail Dogs

I was out for a run the other day and met a couple whose two chocolate labradors absolutely love the ...

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Dogs are natural trail runners they just need you to provide the opportunity, why not bring your dog next time you hit the trails.

What you Should Know Before Trail Running With Your Dog

Your dog always knows when you’re going running. He or she reads all the clues you provide before you step ...

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